Business Spotlight – Tracy’s Tanning & Beauty Salon

NOTE: This is the first Chester Hill business profile for our website. We plan on highlighting a borough business every several weeks.


Tracy Hughes, owner of Tracy’s Tanning & Beauty Salon.

Tracy’s Tanning & Beauty Salon has been in business for 25 years, and has seven employees. That’s a success story. According to owner Tracy Hughes. “I stated with 3 tanning beds in my basement, because I wanted to work from home.” Tracy describes her business as a service business which includes hair, nails, tanning, custom air brush tanning, ear piercing, waxing pedicures and retail. Her customers range in all ages, both male and female. We cater to men, women and children. The friendly atmosphere in the salon is supported by a clean salon, friendly and great stylists, a wide range of tanning equipment, a fun and up to date environment, and an open six days a week schedule. This helps meet her customer’s expectations of a wide range of services, great and friendly employees, and fair prices

The salon does face challenges though. Finding good employees to replace good employees is always a challenge for any business, but this business faces unique challenges. The changes in tanning laws have become impactful in the past three years, including new regulations and taxes. To help overcome those challenges, as well as attract customers, Tracy relies on traditional and new communication channels, such as word of mouth, Facebook, lots of experience from years in business, and the newspaper, in both print and online versions.

Talking with Tracy, one can hear and feel her passion for the service business she owns and operates. She uses technology often to track and store information. Looking to the future, Tracy hopes to see the business continue to be successful, but anticipates new services will need to be added. Tracy told us, “Making people look and feel good is always going to be in demand. The future will be good.”


Inside Tracy’s Tanning & Beauty Salon. The salon is located at 308 Walton Street, Suite #2 in Chester Hill. Stop in and visit.


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